19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: till how many months maintain injection is going to give....if my cervix is open does this injection helps to close that..plz help me am 18weeks pregnant

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Answer: As pregnancy progresses, the cervix can come under pressure from the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, and membranes. If cervix is weak, it may start to shorten and widen. Since you had past your first trimester, there's no risk that your cervix could start to open from inside your womb.. For treatment to protect baby is a stitch to keep your cervix closed one of the options. You can have ultrasound scans via your vagina to monitor how well your cervix is holding up. The treatment the doctor offers will depend on your circumstances, and what may have happened in any previous pregnancies. You'll be offered a stitch in your cervix if: Your waters have broken too early in the past. This is called preterm premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM). Your cervix was damaged during a previous birth. Cervical damage can be caused by pushing before the cervix is fully open, or if forceps or ventouse weren't used carefully enough. You have a history of three or more late miscarriages, or you have previously had babies who were premature, and cervical weakness is thought to be the cause. A stitch is usually inserted between 16 weeks and 24 weeks of pregnancy. Later than this, up to 27 weeks plus six days, your doctor can put in a rescue stitch, if it looks like your cervix is starting to open. A cervical stitch is usually put in place via your vagina. In rare cases, the procedure happens via your tummy. Whichever procedure you opt, you can usually go home the same day, provided you can walk and have been for a wee. will remove the stitch when you've reached about 36 weeks to 37 weeks. If your stitch was carried out via your vagina, you won’t need any pain relief, and you may be able to go home a few hours later.  You may go into labour within a day of the stitch being removed. But it may be days or even weeks before contractions start. If you’ve had your stitch put in via an abdominal operation, you’ll need to give birth to your baby by caesarean sections. Having a cervical stitch isn’t right for every woman. Another treatment for a weak cervix is prophylactic vaginal progesterone. High doses of progesterone help to prevent labour from starting too early. You'll have the progesterone as a pessary that's inserted into your vagina. If you haven't had a previous late miscarriage or premature birth, but a scan shows that your cervix is shortening or opening you'll be offered prophylactic vaginal progesterone.As for preoperative cervical dilation, the local injection of 50 + 50 micrograms and the intramuscular treatment with 500 micrograms of sulprostone showed the most favorable effects on the cervix after 12 and 6 hours, respectively....This will continue till last trimester...
Answer: Hello! Maintain injection is given to avoid any miscarriage or preterm delivery during the pregnancy. If your cervix has opened, it will not help to close it. In thats case cervical cerclaage or cervical stitch is the only way, where are cervix is stitched to avoid preterm labor and so that the baby develops properly till 37-38 weeks. But, if you need it or not, for that you need to discuss with your doctor about it.
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