Few weeks old baby

Question: This Tiny step is of no use ..whenever we ask something related to babies nobody is bothered to ans or help each other.. (some really helpful ladies do give suggestions somtimes) but when it comes to gossip or complaints of Mil sil n all..everyone is interested in giving suggestions n cursing their inlaws...I guess this foram is meant for talking abt babies n Pregnency..n what is going on🙆

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Answer: That's not true. Don't expect your questions to be answered immediately. Everyone might not know the answer, someone who knows might not be online. Have patience dear. Being a mon how can you not be patient😂 Your question will be answered. There are so many questions asked in a day. And it's true family complaint questions to get more response as there isn't any technical answer required. Anyone can share their opinion. Have patience and repeat your question.
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Question: I had to go for an abortion, coz of no heartbeat for baby... Already am mentally physically not good.. my husband is fighting with me.. and not taking care for me.. it's looks like he is not bothered about my abortion.. Can I leave him after abortion.. more over nobody in my family does not know abt my pregnancy... They opposed for this marriage .. so we just married on our own... Am worried about this relationship.. when he came to know that I had to go for an abortion, from that time he is behavior has changed.. not bothering abt my health.. not caring me.. making me cry.. not even bothered to convince me.. am thinking to end this relation n join with my relations. N am Not interested in marriage again.. enough....Am in deep depression.. plz help me sisters..
Answer: Please dear keep passion don't take deccion directly don't take any tens dear
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