35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This is my 34 week of pregnancy nd there is excess of itching on body during night time due to which i can't sleep. What should i do??

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Question: I can't sleep whole night due to itching on full body..what should I do Suggest some remedies pls..
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy itching can cause due to dry skin and high blood flow in your skin but if it is more than and lft or liver function test is suggested by the doctor hence I would suggest you to please see your gynecologist and if your doctor prescribed you and lft please go for it it will check the bile acid if it is causing that itching or not and they will be medicine for you to have which will help you to get rid of this kind of itching .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I face itching problem on whole body during nights due to which i cant even sleep for the whole night...is it normal nd what should i do
Answer: Hi Please report this to your doctor immediately. It could be a sign of cholestasis.Your doctor will ask you get a few blood tests done like liver function test,and serum bile acid test. If cholestasis is confirmed please start treatment appropriately as per your doctors avise to avoid serious complications to the baby like jaundice, high bilirubin levels, etc
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Question: My name is aakriti ....I m 8 months pregnant..there is so much itching throughout my body during this period .. it becomes in bearable during night ..I can't even sleep whole night..what should I do
Answer: Please apply some Aloe Vera gel on the affected areas...but tomorrow please consult with your gynecologist and get necessary medication to help reduce the itching sensation..
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