7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: this is my seven week of pregnancy so is it ok to eat one boiled egg daily ?

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Answer: Hello dear, yes it's absolutely ok and you should take eggs daily. Yolk contain good fatty acids called Omega 3 n DHA. Both plays an important role in baby's brain development.
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    Arfa Haider607 days ago

    thnks dear 😊

Answer: Yes it is ok. Egg is very good source of nutrition for u and your baby. As I am unable to eat any kind of fish, my doc advise me to eat 2 eggs daily from the starting...
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    Arfa Haider606 days ago

    ok thnxu :)

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Question: hi ....i am in 6 week of my pregnency , is it safe to eat boiled egg whites daily ?.
Answer: Hello dear off course you can eat eggs but eat only well cooked egg. Never consume raw and half boiled eggs. Eggs are rich in calories and omega 3 fatty acid which develop baby's growth and brain. Eggs are also rich in proteins which are essential during pregnancy. Pregnant women are advisable only 2 eggs in 3 days.
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Question: My doctor suggest me to eat egg on daily basis, is it safe to eat boiled egg daily?
Answer: Hello! Yes, you should include eggs in your diet. It is high in protein and also other vitamins and minerals. It is a important part of diet. Make sure eggs are properly cooked, as raw or uncooked eggs can have the dangerous bacteria salmonella. Take care
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Question: Is it ok to eat one hard boiled egg in summers?
Answer: Hi dear, Since eggs and other poultry products are heat in nature,it is better to observe the changea in body and have it.although eggs are quite nutritious and healthy,it helps in baby growth and development,it can be taken on alternate days rather.
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