30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This is my 7 month of pregnancy but my tummy does not show as much as other , but my doctor told me that the growth of baby is fine .then why my tummy is not seen as compare to other 7 mnth pregnant mom.

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Answer: I also face same things.plz suggest
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    Suchitra TS930 days ago

    Nothing to worry if baby growth S fine.. Y r u worrying... Mine going to complete 7th month but looks like 8 months... It's our body nature tats it

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Question: Hi I'm a pregnant lady completed six months pregnancy I have a tummy of six months pregnancy but I'm scared n I feel like my tummy is not growing further, this is my first pregnancy kinda scared about the baby growth inside as per scan baby s growth is normal n absolutely fine... Does size of tummy determine the growth of baby?
Answer: Hello! Please do not take stress. It will not help you and will infact hamper the growth of the baby. Coming to the size of the tummy, it doesn't determines the growth of the baby. Tummy size differs as per the position of the baby and the physical structure of the mother. Hence nothing to worry. Try to go for brisk walk and do some meditation. This will feel you with positive energy and keep all the negativity away. Take care
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Question: I done my routine check up. Dr said may be your babys growth is not proper as he seen and check my babybum . But in 7th month sonograpghy report that specially for babys growth is abusulty fine . Does it matters if my babybum not that much big as other mum's have..????
Answer: No. Not a problem. Same happened with me, actually there was no bump in my case and i too was worried, but no need to worry, as my doctor said the babybump varies from person to person. So enjoy your pregnancy 😊
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Question: I am 8 months pregnant but my tummy is not that much grown as other pregnant ladies.what could be the reason? It could affect babies growth or not?
Answer: it does not depend on your tummy size dear... in 33 week there may b a growth scan if everything is all right in that dere is no need to worry about tummy size and baby size..
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