6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This is my first pregnancy and really scared, my beta HCG is not increasing as it has to increase and doc is suspecting i may have ectopic pregnancy but in US there was nothing which came out until now nor i feel any kind of sign of something being abnormal, as per my last period date at 5 weeks 5 days my Hcg was only 454, can there be any hope of everything being normal? or i should be start preparing myself for the worst scenario?

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Answer: Hello dear, no doubt you are pregnant, hcg level is OK, if not increasing, it is a big problem. Consult a good gynoclosit and start medicine and injection so that your hcg level could be increase.
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    Neha Sinha847 days ago

    Thanks for your answer, my Hcg is increasing but not doubling, doc has called me to get the test done again for further finding.

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