29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: this is my 2nd baby. my first baby is from c-section 2 yrs back and i m worried about this time delivery. can i go for normal delivery this time

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Answer: Hello dear! Normal deliveries after c-section is also possible. If u have no complication right now and no recurrent indications,scar thickness is also seen to check if c-section is possible.
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Question: I am 2nd time pregnant my first pregnancy was c-section. Is it possible for normal delivery this time
Answer: Hi. yes it is definitely possible but there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind for this. 1. reason for first c- section. the reason why your first delivery was a c section makes it very important to understand whether this one would be a vaginal or c section. 2. second pregnancy- if your second pregnancy is absolutely complication free, there are decent chances of having a vaginal delivery. 3. physical state- your body's physical status and your own muscle strength will also help in deciding the course of second pregnancy. Hope this helps
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Question: I had C section delivery 6 yrs back. this was due water leak 2 weeks prior due date. will I have normal or C section delivery this time.
Answer: Hey, Having normal delivery after c sec mainly depends on the scar thickness and time period between 2 deliveries. If scar thickness is anywhere above than 4-5mm then doctor might suggest normal delivery. Otherwise generally doctor opt for c sec as no one wants to risk uterus rupture due to pressure put in during labor to deliver a baby
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Question: 6 yrs back i hv gone through C-section, this time may i hv normal delivery?
Answer: Thats possible only , means your body become support ... Congrats ... Take care with healthy foods
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