18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: This app showed the baby's weight 2days as 226gms, today it is showing 223. How is it possible

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Question: how to update baby born date in this app..as it not showing 2018 year
Answer: app is already updated with 2018 birth year. your app might not updated or soon you will get notification to update. for now you can set near by date to stay connected and get your query resolved.
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Question: Hello at 32weeks and 1day.. Has your baby's weight in the scan matching the weight as per this app?? My baby's weight does not match as per this said app.
Answer: Hello! This app gives the approximate weight that is at this age. It is not necessary that the exact weight baby will have. A little here and there is fine . It is just a average growth parameters to understand that the baby is growing well. So you will ideally never be able to match the weight with this app. So don't worry about it. Take care
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Question: How to track baby's weight in this app
Answer: Hi you ca check in settings option to know and track the weight.
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