7 months old baby

Question: This app says that at this stage baby's height should be 67-71.3 cm, but my daughter's height is 64cm. Why the difference? How do the height increase?

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Answer: Hi dear. clear app is calculating everything on average basis and on the basis of age but keep in mind that height depends upon in jeans so if you and your partner is of good height then definitely your baby will have good height and don't worry there are so many babies who are less in height at their early age and then eventually they start increasing their height rapidly so just don't worry about the same dear and this is just a minor difference should not bother about it
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Question: Hello...my nine month is running...at this stage,baby's weight should be 2.5kg but in ultrasound report,it is only 2.2kg..how can i increase my baby's weight before delivery?
Answer: Hi dear, . 3g up down in baby's weight is normal and won't cause any problems. Jus eat a healthy and nutritious diet and stay hydrated that will help baby gain proper weight..
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Question: For baby's height what can i do? My baby's 10 months height is 65 cm only
Answer: Dear the height and overall devlopment of the baby depends on the healthy and balanced diet. Your child’s height depends on various factors like genes, the level of physical activity, quality of diet, his overall medical condition and so on. No one factor can determine your child’s height, but there are natural ways to increase height in children.You should include foods like Milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, oatmeal, Eggs, Chicken, Soybeans, Dairy Based Foods, Fish. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hii...i am 33 weeks pregnant,my baby's weight is 2067gm..is it normal?and what shoul be the height of baby at this stage?
Answer: height can be known at the time of delivery only and according to the app it must be around 45 cm take care
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