3 months old baby

Question: These days she has totally changed her routine. Stays wake up overnight and takes deep sleep full day. Because of this uncertain routine my breast milk supply is decreasing because I use to have restless nights

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Question: My daughter is 15 days old but when she is asleep, she doesn't take milk... I try to wake her up from sleep to take milk evry after 2-3 hours but she d esn't wake up. How to wake her up from sleep to have breast milk after evry 2-3 hours. TIA
Answer: Don't worry.dont wake her up...coz alot of effort goes in this and by the time baby gets u r tired and not able to feed well...no baby in the world can remain hungry....try 4 - 5 times if baby wakes up fine otherwise wait for him to get up on him own....i did this after struggle of more than a month...
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Question: hii.. no matr i wake up my baby once in 2hrs or 3 hrs she takes only 60ml of formula... she has low wght.. shld i wake her up once in 2hrs to increase the number of feeding nd the quantity of milk intake per day rshld i make to sleep for 3hrs to increase her wght
Answer: Please consult pediatrician in this case . My baby is 3.5months and she mostly takes 60ml of formula..
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Question: During day time my baby is busy in playing and dont take breast milk for a long time furing nights she sleeps a lot and it is too hard to wake her up for having milk. What to do
Answer: Don't worry... If baby feel hungry they will cry, let Him play then only he will feel hungry
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