12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is two small lumps type swelling near vagina and one is little inside, is it cure by itself? Or it is serious? N i should go to my gynie?? Pls rply

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Answer: hi dear! so you will have to visit your gyanc dear as the lump should be felt to see if its soft or hard and also the location of it . so dear do make a visit to your gyanc to make a proper diagnosis dear. dont worry everything will be fine dear. take care.
Answer: It will take one week to heal tat..it will go on its own but it causes pain.consult a gynac she will recommend u some ointment.. Wash the area with hot water and apply coconut oil
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Question: Hi I'm 27th week now .there is swelling in my vagina near urine hole sides ..why is this .. ?is it any problem? How to cure this please reply
Answer: If swelling just little bit it's physical and normal but if swelling is much please visit doctor it maybe sign of infection or anything else
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Question: itching on thigh near vagina like ekjima type. can i use vatnovat c to cure it. is that safe
Answer: You can apply candid b cream lil bit. Just one application n itching will be gone.
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Question: Hello, I am 3 week pregnant and i have found small swelling near my vagina...y is this due to?
Answer: I missed my period and so i took pregnancy test twice which gave positive results
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