8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is thread like white vaginal discharge.what does it indicate.please help me

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Answer: Hi dear all it doesn't really mean anything and doesn't indicate anything in pregnancy vaginal discharge which is a white thread like is very common or rather it is beneficial for you to have it because it prevents you from other bacteria and fungi is which can cause infection but you ever see a greenish tinge yellowish tinge please report this to your doctor as it can be an infection.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is that white creamy thread like discharge is common in first trimester
Answer: Everyone told me that it's common but I consult with my doctor and she prescribed me some medicines. So, it's better to consult with your doctor once.
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Question: Today, there is some White discharge in the morning. It's look like white liquid. Is it normal? I m worried. Please help
Answer: water discharge is normal in pregnancy if its severe then speak to ur doctor or white discharge with itching, foul smell,burning sensation, rashes is matter of concern.. jus take plenty of water 3-4ltrs
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Question: Hi...Yesterday onwards I am having light yellow vaginal discharge.What does it mean?
Answer: Consult ur doctor soon once no problem all will be ok
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