30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is so much of heart burn what should ido?

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Answer: Dear take smaller and frequent meals..like eat less quantity ....also try to totally avoid spicy food if u have heavy heartburn...dont lie down immediately after eating and lie on ur left as it also helps digestion...have your dinner 2to 3hrs before sleeping...as this is summer try to take watery fruits like watermelon muskmelon etc...have a happy pregnancy😊
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Question: How much heart beat should be there in 7th -9th week
Answer: Hello dear .. generally baby heart baby heart haa no pattern . It is come around 120-180 bpm ..
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Question: I m having kind of heart burn and feels like there something in my throat which makes me feel restless what should I do
Answer: Gaviscon syrup lo when you feel heart burn.. acidity or vomiting k wjh se gle me chhil jata h aisa lgta h Kuch h or jalan hoti h. Left side sone se acidity kam lgti h . right side se jalan zyada hoti h isily left side sona or ye syrup one table spoon le lena jb aisa ho.. oily spicy kam khao. Water intake bdhao or thoda thoda khao.. Ekbaar me pet bhar k nhi khao usse zyada lgta h or digestion me bhi problem hoti h light khao pr number of times bdhao ekbaar na kha k time to time khao..eat banana it can also relief
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Question: If there is a dot in heart which was found in Tiffany scan what to do
Answer: If it is echogenic hole in the heart, doctors says it will self heal at the time of birth .. Even in my tiffa scan report it was appear. I am hoping at the time of birth all will be normal I read about this it is quite normal not in every pregnancy some do have
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