34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is no leakage in my breast is it a problem?

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Answer: Don't worry dear as every pregnant women don’t get leaky breasts during pregnancy. But, even if you don’t have leaking colostrum, it’s still being generated in your breasts. If you’d like, you can try gently squeezing your areola to see if you can express a few drops.
Answer: No nt a problem
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Question: Is that neccessary or there should be leakage from breast ????if no leakage is there any problem??
Answer: Hi dear, There is no problem if you donot have any breast milk leak during pregnancy.i never had in my time too.but had very good milk supply post delivery.breadtfed my baby till 2 years.ao it depends on each pregnancy,not to worry.
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Question: There is no milk leakage frm my breast yet am 32week now why is it so?
Answer: Hey m 37 week pregnant... Still there isn't any leakage with me.... Dont worry about it
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Question: I'm 36 week pregnant but no leakage from my breast. Is it normal. Breast leakage kb se hona chy
Answer: Hi breast leak bhot si ladies mein nahi hoti, infact mujhe bhi nahi hu tha so aap jaise hi bacha deliver karengi breast milk produce hona shuru hojayega, don't worry
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Question: My panty is getting wet....but no leakage...is there any problem for babies growth
Answer: I think your amniotic sac has started draining. You are going to receive your baby soon.
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