31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is milk coming from my breast n my 8month is going on ..is it normal

2 Answers
Answer: Its normal. You are lucky. Ladies ke delivery ke 5 din baad dudh aa paata h. Aapka pehle hi aa gaya. God bless.
Answer: Yes it's normal. Body is preparing for breast milk.
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Question: hi.. I'm n 28th week from morning onwards liquid is coming from my breast is it normal?
Answer: it is normal..Leaking clear, creamy-white or yellowish discharge from your breasts is a sign that your body is prepping to breastfeed your baby. ... Colostrum is high in protein and contains antibodies that protect your baby against infection during his first few days in the real world.
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Question: Its my 7th month running n there is milk type product coming out from breast
Answer: Hi. Dear its called colostrum which is normal to leak during pregnancy. Its nothing to be worried . Even leaking of coloatrum is indication that your breast are preparing them self for breast feed. So dont be worried. Good luck.
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Question: Hello...my milk is coming from one breast only..is it normal?😥
Answer: Desr.. breast feed the baby continuously. Breast feed from both the sides. Breast pump after each feeding. Drink green leafy vegetables and fruits and dry fruits. Dry fruits like apricots and walnuts are good . Drink plenty of water. Drink 2 glass of milk daily.
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