38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is incresing in white discharge. I m 9th month pregnant. Is it normal or not.? Last day it is brown reddish in colour but today it is white in colour.

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Answer: it's completely normal .Brown reddish means ur delivery is near...white discharge is normal during pregnancy
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Question: Is there reddish white discharge in 5 to 6 month pregnancy.. Is it normal?
Answer: It may or may not be normal. Don't worry. Meet your gynae and discuss with her. She may want to ask you more questions to ascertain whether the discharge is normal or is there something to worry about. She will take care under both circumstances. Hope this helps.
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Question: I have white discharge..since 6 days ...n it is like stiky...n today i saw that ..there is some reddish colour...is it normal??or ..any infection
Answer: Hi dear. Both these are signs that your mucus plug has opened, now you can experience rupture of water bag or labor pain anytime. Good luck
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Question: I m 12weeks pregnant the colour of my urination is slightly reddish. But there is no bleeding or any brown discharge
Answer: Hi dear,take plenty of fluid..This can happen when our body gets very dry..So drink atleast 8-12 glasses of water everyday ...
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