7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There is constant liquid secretion. And wet my vagina. Am 7 week pregnant. Is this normal.

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Answer: White discharge in early weeks of pregnancy is normal. When you become pregnant your body undergoes lots of changes and one is vaginal discharge or white discharge. Normally it is called as leukorrhea which is thin white milky and little Smell. Its normal in pregnancy and nothing to worry on. But in any point of time if you feel it's heavy discharge, more like watery urine kind of, change in color like reddish, pinkish, brownish , pale yellow and greenish with itching and burning that needs to be reported to your doctor as soon as possible.
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Question: Im 7 week pregnant. Sometimes watery liquid coming from vagina. Is this normal?
Answer: Hello! it is normal and its nothing to worry about... it's caused by hormonal changes that affect the uterus, the cervix, the vagina.If you are having symptoms of abnormal discharge, which can include itching, or burning, or discoloration, or odor, you should talk to your doctor.
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Question: I am 8 month pregnant my nipple are sometimes wet due to secretion is that normal
Answer: Yes dear, In pregnancy, the breasts may start to produce milk weeks or months before you are due to have your baby. Leaking is normal and nothing to worry about. 
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Question: There is some liquid secretion from my boobs... is it normal
Answer: Hello dear. The breasts may start to produce milk weeks or months before you are due to have your baby. Your breasts will start to feel full a couple of days after giving birth, which is a sign that your milk is coming in. Take care.
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