15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: there is a little pain in left side lower abdomen..is there any problem?

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Answer: Hii mera 26 week chal rha h kya kru mai k normal develry ho..........
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    Barnali Rakshit1255 days ago

    This is totally depends on ur baby's position...

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Question: There is a pain in left side lower abdomen. Why this now??
Answer: Hi dear. Pregnancy comes along with lots of body pain. I also faced abdomen pain a lot during my pregnancy. This pain is due to hormonal changes and high blood flow happening in your body. There's nothing to worry as it is normal. Try to take a hot shower which will make you relaxed and take plenty of rest. Take care.
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Question: Im having a slight pain in symphysis pubis,,and lower abdomen left side is there any problem?
Answer: Hello dear, during pregnancy your body produces a hormone called relaxin which loosen the joint in the pelvis so that they can expand to make room for baby. So It cause pain it's completely normal but can be painful or difficult so you should avoid standing or sitting for long time and always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting and between your legs while sitting sleeping..
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Question: Is there any problem..I have a little pain in my right lower abdomen?
Answer: You cam check with your doctor. In early pregnancy dont take any type of risk.
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