28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: There are prickles on both thighs and it is itching.Can anyone advice me on this issue?

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Question: My both hands are getting numb frequently. Is this normal or any serious issue?
Answer: hi dear! both hands means the palms or the whole arm . if the palms are getting numb , then due to pregnancy a nerve is getting compressed in the wrist region which is normal but will need medication as in pregnancy , there is increase in weight which can put pressure and cause compression. and if the whole arm is getting numb then the nerve compression is occuring at the spinal cord level. so do visit your doctor dear to examine you properly so that medications can be given to you accordingly dear. take care.
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Question: Hi ,my baby having subgaleal hemorrhage.is anyone know about it..is there any treatment for this issue
Answer: Dear Subgaleal hemorrhage is a rare complication of birth. It is an accumulation of blood in the subgalealspace. Subgaleal hemorrhage is caused by birth trauma. it is curable and there is treatment for it so consult with a doctor and get baby checked frequently..
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Question: My menses are irregular please advice me on this issue
Answer: My last menses start 6th of October and earlier was 12th of September.Someone told me to conceive baby the menstrual cycle should be on date to date. For start date to date cycle what should I do please guide me on this issue.
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