34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: The shape of belly is indicate baby's gender. Is this true. Pls rply me frnz

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Answer: no. everyone is equal. just pray for healthy baby. have a happy pregnancy
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Question: does shape and size of belly verifies the gender of baby in the womb?
Answer: hello.. dear ..there are many myths on the pregnancy carvings and belly bump.. but there is no scientifically proof about the gender...moreover whether it may be boy or girl what makes you difference.you are anyhow mother to both...so till the time of delivery it is a surprise for you .. be happy and enjoy with your surprise in next few weeks.. all the best..
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Question: is it true that baby pulse rate indicate baby gender.
Answer: Hi.. Dear there are various mid wife theories and some believe in chinese calender.. Do not rely on these things.. Take care of your health and let it be the nature 's surprise for you.. Just wish for the arrival of a healthy baby boy or girl..
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Question: Is it true that the baby's heartbeat determine gender??
Answer: This gender prediction theory says that girls and boys have different heart rates in the womb - a baby with a heart beat under 140 beats a minute is a boy, and a baby with 140 or over beats a minute is a girl. An easy method to divine the sex of your baby, but one that sadly lacks any scientific evidence. In fact, a study has proven conclusively that there is no correlation between the gender of your baby and its heart rate.
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