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Question: the previous month missing the periods. we test the is negative. then what is the reason for this.why the period is missing .

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Answer: Hi dear, If you are testing too early then ,the result could come negative.ideally you should test after a week of missed period.however ,blood test at this stage would give you correct result.
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    JESMA CT1064 days ago

    ee month aniku epol period kandu.athu kondu kazinja month kanathe ee month cheythal chance elle

Answer: It's may be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism...plz conselt a physician or gynac... To conform it.. Check TFT
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    JESMA CT1063 days ago

    yes . i consult a dr. and check thyroid. no problem

Answer: Less amount of blood is the one resson
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    Lalo Parmar Rajula1063 days ago


Answer: Hormonal imbalance...
Answer: I don't know
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Question: Period missing 15 days.pregency test is negative
Answer: Hi dear it could be happening due to eating disorder , uncontrolled diabetes, it could happen  due to excessive exercise started recently, stress can affect the harmonal balancing, sleeping schedule has changed , or u may be suffering from PCOD. So it's really better to consult doctor. 
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Question: Missed period with negative pregnancy test what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for some more days or visit ur gynaecologist to do some tests to clear the result. But in case if ur are having any kind if inferti|ity problems like pcos, cysts, irregular periods then the chances of pregnancy are little low and if ur having no infertility issues then just track ur ovulation days the chances of getting pregnant becomes higher. All the best !
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Question: My period has not come yet last period was on 21 August urine pregnancy test is also negative and blood test is also negative then what will be the reason of missing period
Answer: If you are taking medicine then it could be hormonal changes. Or stress can also be the reason. If it don't come in 1 week do consult a doctod
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