6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: The first day of my last period was 29 May.. Doc has still not advised for ultrasound. How old is my baby? I have no vomiting but lots of fatique and itchy back and low feeling.please advise

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Answer: Hello, It is not important to have vomiting in early pregnancy. But as you said you are having some symptoms so that is fine. There is no need for ultrasound before 6 weeks because a clear result only shows after 6 weeks of pregnancy so this is why doctor didn't advise you any ultrasound. Your baby is 7 weeks now.
Answer: According to ur lmp you are 6 weeks pregnant and ur due date is 5 March, 2019. There is nothing to worry if u have fatigue and itchy back and low feeling because these are common symptoms of pregnancy. U can apply any moisturiser if u are feeling more itching
Answer: Don't worry stomach itching is not a problem its symptom of your baby growing .. be happy if u feel lot of itching apply gingerly lightly
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    Nandhini Pichaimuthu1067 days ago

    After three months of pregnancy only vomiting starts and fatigue and tiredness are common during first three months

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