3 months old baby

Question: The DTP vaccine was given in the thigh. There was swelling after the vaccination and the area around it has become hard. It has reduced somewhat but is still there. It has been more than 4 days, so curious to know if this is normal. Please let me know how long it will take for it to go completely.... Do we need to do anything for it?

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Answer: my baby has also had for 1st vaccination & it has gone in 3 days, for 2nd dose it is swollen
Answer: fridge me hanky rakh k fir use baby k leg pe lagaye usse thik ho jayega
Answer: mrre baby ko bhi thi swelling bt it was gone in 3rd day
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Question: Hello maam, On 14th july vaccination was given to my child after the vaccination that area has become hard and it is still hard what should i apply.
Answer: Rub ice (bt not directly.. ice in any hanky or cloth ) on that area ..it will recover soon
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Question: hi yesterday my baby had vaccination and now the thigh has become totally swelling & hard wat should i do now
Answer: hi mam dont worry it can be cured when we keep ice bag on that swelling area. Please dont keep ice bag directly it may cause pain wrap itin a towel and then keep on babies injected area this helps the swelling to reduce do continuous for at least three to four times a day this helps to relieve soon.
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Question: My baby's 3months vaccination got over it has been 15days bt still the area is reddish n its hard wt to do for that??
Answer: Give ice packs in day time and apply the ointment offen..don't wry it will reduce day by day...jst watch whether he can able to move his leg as did b4 vaccination
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