2 months old baby

Question: The best time to bath a baby

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Answer: Best time to bath baBy is in noon. .as temperature is highest at this time baby wong get caught to cold. Just keep some safety majors liken luke warm water should be prepared to bath baby.
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Question: When is the best time to take first bath for a new born baby
Answer: Congratulations for your little munchkin, I can understand taking care of newborn is tough and giving bath is like a challenge for new mommy , when my baby was small I used to give bath between 10:30-12 noon as this time temperature is favourable and not too cold. Hope this will help
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Question: Please suggest best product to use at the time of baby bath and after bath
Answer: Sebamed products are excellent for babies. I m using results are very good nd babies skin will also glow.Sebamed children shampoo,sebamed baby wash, sebamed baby lotion nd sebamed facial cream.
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Question: Which is the best timing for bath a baby??
Answer: Hello dear ... Best time to bath baby is mid morning or afternoon,but avoid bathing in evening it may catch cold
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Question: when will be the right time to bath a baby
Answer: Bathing a baby in a bath tub. After the umbilical cord stump dries up, falls off, and the area heals, you can start giving your newborn a tub bathevery few days. It's easiest to use the kitchen sink or a small plastic baby tub filled with warm water instead of a standard tub.
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