9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: thanda milk pine se bhi gas bnti h ... milk pine k bad bhut gas bnti h ..kya kru.. I m 9week pregnant...

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Answer: Progesterone hormones is relaxing smooth muscle tissue all over your body, including in your gastrointestinal tract. This makes your gut work slower, giving your body more time to snatch up nutrients from your food and take them to baby—and that translates into gas for you. The good news is gas and bloating shouldn't affect baby at all. Tips to overcome gas pain – • Eat small, regular meals and stay away from foods that tend to give you gas. Fried foods, sweets, cabbage and beans are common culprits, but you might find other foods that are particularly troublesome * take milk in other forms lik chach,lassi, paneer, cheena,custard, cheese etc • Eating and drinking slowly will keep you from swallowing excess air • Loose clothing will keep you comfy • Yoga classes can also help settle things down. • Consuming plenty of liquids and high-fiber foods will help ward off constipation (a big gas inducer).
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Question: Mra baby 2 months ka hai, usko powder wale milk se loosemotion ho re h aur cow milk se bht gas bnti h kya kru
Answer: It's better u gv ur baby only breast milk exclusively for 6 months. Consult ur pediatrician for the other brand of powder milk. Cow milk is tough for digestion to new borns nd should not be given till 7 or 8 month. Since the digestive system of baby is just maturing need not play with it to cause future complications so just go for breast milk or as per instructions received from pediatrician. Loose motion can be due to other reasons as well. Clean the feeding bottles properly. If loose motion no is more than 7 times per day please consult pediatrician immediately, it might not be due to milk powder it can be due to some other illness such as rota virus infection. Take care of ur baby nd for any issues that u think can't be managed please consult pediatrician urgently.
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Question: Mera baby 3 month ka h phle wo daily potty krta tha lekin ab wo 4 ya 5 din m krta h..kya kru jis se wo potty kre..usko gas bhi bhut bnti h..only breastmilk hi leta h
Answer: Take a glass of water n a pinch of ajwain on it n some sugar to make it sweet heat it pine layak n feed it to ur baby once do try
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Question: 1.5 month old baby ko bhut gas bnti h. Or wo roti hai bhut jb gas bnti h. Breast milk hi de rhi hu. Pls suggest.
Answer: You can give her colicaid drops and also u can rub hing water around her navel. It surely works
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