27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 2hr 75gm ogtt test result is 157. Any problem???

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Answer: Hello! Your sugar levels are on the higher side. The normal range is below 120, but here it is more than that. Hence consult the doctor immediately.
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Question: My glucose challange test, 75gm result is 138. Is it ok?
Answer: Hi, you might have borderline diabetes. so what you can do is you have to restrict sweets dear and do not consume sugar , honey , or gud. for some days and then again test for your sugar to see what is the value then. if its still increased then you will have to consult your doctor as medicine can be required if there is increase after stopping sweet diet. and your esr is normal it should be in a range of 50-70mm/hr. so its fine. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: My OGTT test result is 156. Is this result is high in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear If ur OGTT result if it is a 156 then yes it is more than normal during pregnancy please be on medication I'm sure your doctor would ask you to be on medication please be little more active and maintain your diet and everything should be fine don't worry sugar for diabetes does not cause any problem to the baby directly .. Hope this helps!
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Question: hi I m in my seventh month of pregnancy I have tested a glucose test ...the result is 157 for 140 is their any problem...?
Answer: Hello dear this is normal that many pregnant women will be having gestational diabetes.. Consult your doctor he might suggest you the best medications for diabetes and also maintain and control your diet, go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important, avoid sugars completely
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