27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: LFT test for what disease. .?

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Answer: LFT is a liver function test to detect the changes in liver during pregnancy. Changes in liver are mostly seen in pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP), haemolysis, elevated liver enzyme and low pletelets (HELLP) syndrome, cholestasis etc
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Question: Is genetic disorder test is mandatory??what are all the disease they would test?
Answer: Hi dear it is not very necessary but it is good to get it checked as it can help u to know if ur baby is fine or not. If there will be risk related to anythg then there are few treatment which could be possible during pregnancy only. Doctor will check ur family history of health and do the check up accordingly.
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Question: what is LFT test ?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Liver function tests are performed to gain an idea of how your liver is functioning. A number of separate properties of your blood will be examined. Take care.
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