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Question: Tell me the name of cream to remove pigmentation on face

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Answer: Hi. For pigmentation apply pure herbal's toner, serum and face pack. With this you will also need to have 8 glass of water and healthy diet.
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Question: What to apply on face in order to remove pigmentation
Answer: Apply aleovera along with lemon juice. ..it will help you to get rid of it...but as its natural remedy. .it'll take some to cure.
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Question: Kindly tell me about the treatment of Post delivery pigmentation on face
Answer: Yes its totally fine My baby was also 2.9 at the time of birth And same condition happened after 4 days he was 2,7
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Question: Hello mam pls tell me any cream to remove black spots on my face
Answer: Hi! This happens due to melanin pigmentation.The lightening usually happens about 3-4 months post partum, and its a very common condition and all pregnant women go through this. Giving few tips you can follow them to get back your original complexion soon; *oil massage and besan to wash insted of soap. *Olive oil or almond oil massage. * Potato peel rub *Try using vitamin c serum everyday and gentle exfoliation twice a week. And always wear good sunscreen while going out Hope this helps!
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