31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plzz tell me the homeremedies

Answer: Hi could you please post your complete question here. As to home remedies for what.
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Question: Hi,i am 6 month pregnent having gastric problem,plz tell me the homeremedies?
Answer: Hello.. Gastritis is caused by acid indigestion is an irritation or burning sensation ,caused stomach content that reflux from stomach, The best remedy for gastritis is to change lifestyle,diet and exercise Sleep with elevated pillows Always keep two or three pillow and make yourself elevated will help in reliving gastritis Eat at regular intervals Eat atleast six small meals will help the digestive system ,and also helps hunger and effective for gastritis Fiber rich food Intake of fruits like apples,prunes, figs,guava can be taken to releive constipation Stay hydrated It is essential to drink three litres of water daily, drinking water throughout the day in smaller quantity aids digestion Avoid caffeine Don't drink coffee when you suffer from indigestion.. it will increase it Drink ajwan water Boil ajwan seeds in water, drink this water instead of normal water,it will cure gastritis Avoid gas related foods Don't eat potato,starchy foods,soda,refined sugar because they cause indigestion Drink buttermilk with cumin seeds,ginger,coriander leaves .this is best remedy for gastritis Physical activity Engage yourself in physical activity after meals,mild walk can also be helpful
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Question: please tell some homeremedies for mouth ulcer(muh k chhale)
Answer: Oral troubles would probably irritate you the most during pregnancy; as it is the body undergoes a lot of changes during this time.Mouth ulcers occur when the soft tissue, also known as the epithelial tissue gets injured and exposes the nerve endings to make it a painful wound inside the mouth. The following home remedies would surely be of great help to cure mouth ulcers during pregnancy. Take a glass of salt water (one glass and one small pinch of salt) and gargle with it twice a day to get remarkable relief. Mouth ulcers in most cases happen due to stress and depression during pregnancy; you can start yoga and meditation to calm your senses and balance the hormonal changes in your body. Take adequate rest and enough sleep is a must. Reduce the amount of spices in your diet; instead take more green vegetables, fruits and balanced diet. Keeping your body hydrated is also a good way to keep your digestion stable and thus avoiding these oral problems Gently rub a small cube of ice on the mouth ulcer and rinse your mouth with ice cold water. This alleviates the pain and soreness of the mouth. Coconut water works like miracle for mouth ulcers and also good for health during pregnancy.  You just need to dab little honey onto the mouth ulcer atleast 3 -4 times a day; you can also add a pinch of turmeric to it before applying on the area. 
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Question: Plzz tell me the remedies for cough...
Answer: Hie There are certain medicine that are safe during pregnancy   Consult your gynaclogist with the same Following are the home remedies that would help you with cold and cough Have one raw garlic with honey every 3-4 hours garlic is a power House against cold and cough Gargle with salt water solution or apple cider vinegar solution to help you with sore throat Include raw onion in your daily diet or salads they help keep respiratory tract open Sip on ginger Tulsi or ginger lemon green tea it is rich in antioxidants as well as will help you soothe your throat too Breathing warm humid air shall help loosen congestion you may run a humidifier or use facial steamer to loosen mucus add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it to ease breathing. Get lost of rest and water you need both to recover when you are striken with cold or cough
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