33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: plz tell me that if pregnant women suffering from fungal infections,what baby child also infected from her infected blood.

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Answer: Ttju
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Question: I m suffering from skin fungal infections what will I do?
Answer: Please explain your query dear What type of lesion it is Where is the location on skin scalp or vaginal area
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Question: Hii..plz tell me if one month pregnant women suffering fever and cold...sooif she take crocin ,it is save for her and her baby....
Answer: Hllo dear urpregnantndear fever ,cold ,cough s common in this season. Dear U r pregnant so dear don't take any medicine without consulting ur gyno .first consult then take any paracetamol nd try these remedies .Take adrak tulsi peeper kara twice a day.. Take Ginger tea.Take Green tea..Take warm milk wit turmeric before bed time.. Take Ginger juice wit honey.. Take Vit C it helps in cold nd cough.Avoid cold things such as ice. cream cold drink curd . if ur nose s block then take steam add ajwain also.. u can try honey wit lemon lemon s source of vit c which s helpful in cold cough nd sneezing try it
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Question: My child is suffering from cold her nose is also blocked what to do?
Answer: First apply oil externally to nose. After 15min, clean with wipe. After that rinoclear spray on nose holes. And use maatra oral drops for cold.
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Question: What happens if a negathive blood grup women gets pregnant
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your anxiety. Mine is negative blood and have a son now. Don't worry. They give you injection for it. Take care
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