29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plzz tell. Me symptoms of boy and girl in womb

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Answer: After 7 mnths completion,if the baby movements are more in left side u r having girl, probably on right side movements,u r having boy. . Notice baby movements from 8 th mnth mnth
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    Swati Abhishek Chaudhary1210 days ago

    Is it accurate completely??

Answer: Dear God has keep this lovely surprise for us dat we come to know after nine months..... So wait for the lovely surprise has it will make u more happy
Answer: Hello dear, symptoms can't determine the gender, only ultrasound can confirm the gender and according to Indian law it's against it
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    Swati Abhishek Chaudhary1210 days ago


Answer: Only god can answer appropriately for dis one😂
Answer: Is heart beat tells about sex of baby??
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Answer: Hi dear, there is no such way by which you can know the gender of the baby. In fact, I am sure you would be more concerned about the growth and development of the baby rather than the gender. I'm sure you would welcome your little one whole heartedly what ever the gender is and it would be the love of your life. All the best.
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Answer: Hi dear, There is no way other than scan can you predict gender.though there are so many myths around about the physical symptoms to relate it with gender of the baby.but none of them are true and has no science behind it.only 15 th week scan onwards one can find the gender of the baby.alao if you are from India,then it is also illegal to detect the gender in clinics.also doctors are not supposed to disclose it it's a crime. Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Answer: hi dear there are no such a sentence like it is a baby boy or baby girl but in olden days elders used to tell that we have so and so are symptoms are then it is baby boy and if it is not then its baby girl but it is just a myth it's not a truth so you don't need to worry about it and I don't take any stress about thinking it dear what were the sex of the baby is it is our baby and it depend on the chromosome we get from our husband so don't think of anything dear
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