13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz tell me whai is the meaning of 12wks 4 days.13thweek chalrha h kya

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Answer: Yes...ap ka 13th week chalrha ai
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Question: hii doc plz tell me the meaning of breech
Answer: When you near delivery most of the babies will turn their heads towards birth canal called head down or cephalic position. In some cases baby will have it's buttocks or feet near the birth canal called breech position. Your gyno can examine and tell you whether baby is in breech or cephalic position. Gyno will try to turn the position of baby externally applying pressure on your stomach when you are nearing delivery ( around 37 weeks). But it is not recommended under following conditions Vaginal bleeding. A placenta that is near or covering the opening of the uterus. A low level of fluid in the sac that surrounds and protects the baby. An abnormal fetal heart Premature rupture of the membranes. Twins or other multiples pregnancy. In these cases C-section is recommended for safe delivery.
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Question: what is the meaning of urine culture plzzz tell me
Answer: Isse yeh pta chlta hai k koi infection to nahi hai body mein... It is normal thing... Medicine de dete hain doc bas kuch days k liye. Agar bola hai doc ne urine culture k liye to krwa lijiye nahi to baby ko infection ka dar rehta hai
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Question: hiii ..plz tell shadi is the meaning of breech position..
Answer: Same here nd its mean Aapka baby head down position me ni h
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