3 months old baby

Question: Plz tell me how to improve my breast milk

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Answer: Foods that help increase your breast milk supply: Oatmeal. Oatmeal by itself is not the most flavorful food out there, but you can always spice it up by adding different fruits or blend in some cinnamon or honey. ... Spinach. ... Garlic. ... Brewer's Yeast. ... Fenugreek. ... Apricots. How to Boost Your Milk Supply Fast Nurse on Demand. Your milk supply is based on supply and demand. ... Power Pump. A great way to boost your milk supply quickly is to power pump. ... Make Lactation Cookies. ... Drink Premama Lactation Support Mix. ... Breast Massage While Nursing or Pumping. ... Eat and Drink More. ... Get More Rest. ... Offer Both Sides When Nursing Try adding these lactation-boosting foods to your diet: Oats contain lots of iron. A warm bowl of oatmeal can also help with relaxation. ... Garlic has many health benefits, including boosting your milk production. ... Eat plenty of vegetables like carrots, yams, and dark leafy greens. ... Look for sesame seeds.
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Answer: shatavari powder milega ayurvedic medical shop me rat sone sai pehele milk me 1sp dalke peeyo
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Question: How to improve breast milk.iam having very low breast milk. Give me some tips to improve my breast milk
Answer: hydrophilic is very important you should give more of breast milk to the baby for his proper growth and development it also helps to build immunity if you have less breast milk it is important for you to have a healthy diet you should have died which is rich in proteins take pulses eggs and chicken you should also take protein powder added to the milk you should take at least two glasses of milk in a day and good Milk products you should also take serials oats and Ragi take 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday which is very important have good green vegetables and at least three to serve 4 servings of fruits per day you should also try this homemade powder dry roast equal quantities of cumin seeds season fennel seeds and grinder then take half teaspoon of this powder and half teaspoon of vangi after meal 2 to 3 times in a day visual also help to increase the milk production
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Question: How to improve breast milk...? Pls tell me my baby was crying so much
Answer: Hello The best way to increase breast milk is by feeding ur more and more dis induces a harmone that a!triggers more supply of milk. Your phscology also plays a very important role. If u start feeling stressed or start thinking the milk reduces. Be positive and happy. The milk supply will increase. U can also eat methi leaves or seeds. Dil leaves or seeds. Satvarex granules, zeera and jaggery together ground. Oats or sooji kheer lots of ghee and diary products. U can also use breast pump to stimulate more. But best way is to feed ur baby sorry for repeating dis point cos it is the best Avoid gassy food like cabbage lots of dals. Use A mixture of cumin and fennel seeds with ghee 2 to 3 times a day. Ghee works best for increasing milk.,
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Question: suggest me how to improve breast milk
Answer: Cook 10_12 garlic in water after that grind as a paste n mix with milk n drink
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