27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: tell me baby's grow now a days

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Answer: ! You may start putting on some additional weight in the weeks to come but that is normal for you and a healthy baby. There is less and less room for your stomach even though you may be feeling hungrier. Continue eating many small meals a day and expect to feel indigestion, flatulence, and heartburn. Frequent bathroom trips will continue. Remember to stay hydrated and get a little exercise each day (walking and swimming are great low impact activities) to improve circulation and relieve stress. Consider visiting the hospital where you plan on giving birth to familiarize yourself with the facilities. Begin thinking about your birthing plan. Will you take medications? A child birth class can be informative at this time and provide additional information to help you think about these important decisions. Although from the outside baby looks normal, the brain and lungs are still growing and the baby’s length increases by an inch this week! As the retinas develop the eyelids open more and baby continues to take small breaths. Baby now measures 14.4 inches (36.6 cm) and weighs 875 grams (about two pounds!).
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