1 months old baby

Question: tel mr baby girl of u words name?

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No Answers for this question yet.
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Question: i got baby boy. cn u tel me name of R words?
Answer: Reehan Hrim.. h is scilent Rohan Roshan Rishi Rahil Rahul Rajendra Raj Rohit
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Question: Can anyone suggest me baby girl name with two words starting with letter H??
Answer: Havisha meaning goddess Lakshmi may suit Ur baby girl as we think our baby girls as Lakshmi devi
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Question: Can u suggest baby girl name of combination priti n amit Thanks
Answer: Hi dear Few of such combination could be: Pratima Amrita Ramita Arpita
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Question: I want a nice name for baby girl..Will u suggest me a good name???
Answer: Rithanya Shivanya shayna Navya
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