7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Tel me answer

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Answer: Hi Dear! Pls post your question fr one more time or pls ask here in reply section we shall try to help.. Thank You!
Answer: What is your query dear.
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Question: Pls tel the answer
Answer: I am very sorry for the delay in answering you this is possible because of too many questions however I would request you to repost your question and I will surely try to help you
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Question: Pregancy time lo headache why osundi?? Tel me answer nd any precautions
Answer: Hello dear. Due to hormonal changes frequent headaches are normal during pregnancy. Some home remedies for headaches during pregnancy:- 1. Try steam inhalation. 2. Use a humidifier to increase moisture in the air. 3. Rest in a peaceful and quiet area. 4. Apply a hot or cold compresses to the painful area on your head or the base of your neck (use a frozen bag of peas for a cold compress or a damp towel soaked in warm water). 5. Get a gentle shoulder and head massage. 6. Have a warm bath. 7. Eat several small meals during the day. 8. Get plenty of sleep. 9. Try relaxation techniques such as meditation and positive visualization. 10. Drink warm milk with honey. 11. Drink herbal teas. 12. Sprinkle a few drops of aromatherapy oils (lavender or peppermint) on a tissue and inhale from time to time. 13. Get a reflexology massage Hopw this helps.
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Question: hi am in my 24 week pregnecy which saide i should sleep.. plz tel me the answer
Answer: Hi dear, Though, sleeping in left side is beneficial to you and your baby as in you it helps in preventing water retention,while in baby it is good for proper blood circulation.but no matter what third trimester moving around becomes very difficult.so sleep whichever way feels comfortable.but donot sleep on your back as it presses a large spinal nerve which could make you feel breathless and dizzyness.
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Question: Tel me 6 mnth baby food.. & tel me how to prepare it.. & baby weight gain food.. tel me plz
Answer: Hello.. ragi is rich in calcium,iron and many nuutrients.. ragi porridge ,is well known food for babies,it is healthy too. Ragi flour and porridge recipe Soak ragi in water for 10 hours Once the ragi has well soaked,drain the water throughly Make a potluck with that ragi,and leave it for 10 hours to get sprouted Once they get sprouted,sundry them for a day After sundrying, dryroast the ragi, nicely Level it to oil,make it to fine powder in a blender After blending,seive the flour and transform into an air tight container Method of preparation Take two spoon of this powder with warm water,stir it till it come to porridge consitency, without any lumps ,add palmsugar , serve Wheat porridge Wheat porridge is too nutritious and it is a good option to start solid,it is tummy filling and helps in weight gain Wheat porridge recipe Ingredient Whole samba wheat -1/2 cup Formula milk powder 1tbsp Palm sugar - 1 tbsp Method of preparation Soak samba wheat in water for five hours,after soaking stain the water Add soaked wheat in a blender,blend it nicely to make puree Extract juice from puree,add formula powder to it Heat that puree in stove,cookwell to porridge consitency without any lumps,add palm sugar stir for two min,serve Homemade cerelac Home made cerelac powder is very nutrious, it is very helpful for babies to gain weight,it is loaded with lot of minerals,vitamins and antioxidants.. This powder can also give to pregnant and breastfeeding mom's, so that they told good health and strength.. Home made cerelac recipe Ingredients Green gram 1 cup Ragi 1 cup Bajra 1 cup Channa dal 1 cup Roasted dal 1 cup Groundnut 1 cup Cashew 1/2 cup Groundnut 1/2 cup Almonds 1/2 cup Pistachio 50 gm Dry ginger 25 gm Ajwan seeds 10 gm Elaichi 5 to 10 pods Method of preparation Dry roast all the powder separately, until it's nice aroma smell Sun dry after roasting for one or two days Put in a mixer , grind coarsely and make powder Preparation of porridge For porridge mix 2 tablespoon of this powder with water or milk,stir them continuously ,boil them for five minutes,stir them continuously without any lumps , you can add palm sugar,and make it to porridge consistency and serve
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