11 months old baby

Question: Teeth not coming my baby. She is 11 months old?

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Answer: You need to consult pediatrician he will give you calcera phosphorus and homeopathic BC 21tablets for teething. Don't worry she will get teeth. Hope this will help you definitely.
Answer: No need to worry..Some babies will have teeth after 12 months.
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Question: Helli my baby is 13 months old but she is not coming teeth i m woried
Answer: Hi dear. Some babies crack teeth earlier and some takr time. All babies achieve their milestones according to their own pace. Some baby crack teeth even at 4-5 month and some crack after 1 year. Both condition are totally normal. Babies who crack teeth teeth late are no way weak than babies who crack teeth early. So don't worry. You just give calcium rich food to your baby. Take care
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Question: my baby is 11 month old her teeth are not coming
Answer: Its normal nothing to worry Some babies get teething at early stage as early as 3months and some babies get teeth even in 18months also ...so just kindly massage and clean your baby gums with soft silicone finger toothbrush like Buddsbuddy as they are made up of silicone and BPA free that's enough
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Question: My baby is 11 months old she dont have teeth
Answer: That's absolutely fine dear..as babies can develop their first teeth as early as 6 months of age or as late as 18 months of age dear...so don't be worried about it dear..
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