23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Tasted manga tropicana thought of orange.. mango should not be drunken ..any harm?

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Answer: Nothing harm, but it is better to avoid packaged fruit juices during pregnancy cause it contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Have fresh juice in home instead.
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Question: iam 6 week pregnant, can i have mango or juice of it, and any fruits which should be avoided and should be consumed
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear u can take mangoes its safe .as fruit nd juices r healthy 4 u .as its rich wit natural vitamin nd minerals too .only avoid pineapple, papaya nd lichi its not safe 4 u .another all fruits r safe 4 u .try it
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Question: After how many days of delivery, periods should be start??? Still not get periods. What should I do???
Answer: Sometimes in a month sometimes after 2months sometimes after an year but don't forget to check pregnancy coz sometimes iit happened and due to breastfeed u got late peroids..
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Question: Bleeding from bcg site of injection.. Any precautions to be taken? Oiling and moisturiser can be applied out not ?
Answer: If this injected portion has bleeding than jo need to apply any oil and moisturiser. Clean this area with the help of cotton. Baby need antibiotics medicine to cure This.
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