28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Taking Pan40 only once in thitd trimester is safe?

Answer: Hello Yes dear pan 40 is and anti gastric medicine it reduces acidity n nausea through the day. It is safe to consume it in pregnancy but still yu can speak to yur doctor about it. Take care
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Question: Vomiton, doxinate and ecosprin taking daily, is this safe in first trimester? Taking vomitron n doxinate twice and ecosprin once in a day..
Answer: hello dear yes they are safe.. if doctor have suggested you then follow that.. trust and follow your doctor suggestions
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Question: Taking citrizine is safe during first trimester
Answer: Is citrizine is prescribed by your doctor then only it is safe to consume during pregnancy. Please do not take any medication without doctor's prescription. Hope this helps.
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Question: I am in start of 2nd trimester its safe to have once in while
Answer: Hi dear, Could you please explain and specify what you want to have? I think you have missed it out in your query.
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