29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Tablet ecosprin 75mg once tym aur satchet of l argifast -l prescribe me kyu plz explain me is safe???

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Answer: These are to avoid any clot formations. I am having still start of my pregnancy
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    shaili vatsa96 days ago

    Yes.. it z prescibed for better blood flow to the placenta.. i m also having since second trimester

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Question: Is ecosprin 75mg is safe during 5 months of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear , even i had the same tablet . it is given to thinning the blood , safe to use
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Question: Is it safe to take ecosprin 75mg in week 32 if yes what is the use of this tablet.
Answer: It increase ur hb level even I'm taking my hb level S 10
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Question: It is safe to take ecosprin 75mg tablet daily with heprin injection i have problem of blood clotting
Answer: Yes these are the blood thinning medicines increase the blood supply to the uterus and ultimately increase the growth of the foetus. You should continue it, it is safe to take this medicine
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Question: Dr. Prescribe me tab ecosprin 75 mg .is it harmfull? What is uses of this tablet?
Answer: Hi dear Ecosprin 75 is used for the blood circulation for your fetus and also neutralizes blood flow to baby throughout pregnancy....
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