10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Susten 200 tab is taken oraly na? Dr tells take after dinner daily..

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Answer: Some tabs are taken orally and some other are advised to put it in the vagina.. Ask ur doctor Orally or vaginal it will be mentioned in the tab strip. I used it vaginally
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Question: Susten 200 tablet night dinner tvtha vesukomannaru is it safe?
Answer: Naku afternoon vesukomannaru..afternoon or night ina ok vesukovachhu
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Question: Dr said to take susten sr 200 mg is it safe to take?
Answer: Yes this is a project on that is a female hormone which is necessary during the pregnancy.it is the Pregnancy supporting medicine and helps in preventing the bleeding and maintaining the pregnancy
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Question: Hi doctor..in my 7th week sonography, subchronic bleed is mentioned. For that doctor suggested to take susten 200 mg and bedrest. Is that tab daily twice?
Answer: Hello Dear susten 200mg is very safe it is actually progesterone substitute which is harmone which helps in securing pregnancy. It is usually given when yur pregnancy is unsafe or any complications. It can never harm yur pregnancy infact it secures unsafe pregnancy too. So causing birth defects is no point to even think of. Trust yur doctor n take the medication Relax don't worry Take care
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