37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Swelling on feet hands and face....does i need to worry???

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Answer: No its common don't worry , walk frequently by taking rest in between of walk
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Question: I have swelling on my feet, a little on my hands and just today a little swelling on my face. Hope this is not something to worry about?
Answer: Hi..swelling is not a troublesome symptom..its common only..keep a pillow below ur feet while sitting,sleeping..keep them elevated often..drink more fresh juices and water..do gentle massages with oil of ur choice and have hot water bath.. sleep well follow a healthy diet take care.
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Question: I have swelling on my feet , cakf, hands and face. Please help.
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Various factors contribute to foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy. For starters, your body retains more fluid during pregnancy. Also, your growing uterus puts pressure on your veins, which impairs return of blood to your heart. Here are thr few tips you can follow Avoid standing for long periods. Minimize outdoor time when it is hot. Rest with your feet elevated. Wear comfortable shoes, avoiding high heels if possible. Wear supportive tights or stockings. Avoid clothes that are tight around your wrists or ankles. Take care.
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Question: i have sudden swelling on my face n feet should i worry??
Answer: Better to contact your gyneac it may be because of BP are any preeclampsia symptoms even i had little bit of swelling before the Bp was normal previous week 110/80 but this week 37th check up after having my last ultrasound I was shocked to found out my AFI is 6.5 with BP 150/100 I'm on constant follow up with my gyneac
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