35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Swelling of feet started please let me know what it indicates at this stage of pregnancy

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Answer: Water retention increases during pregnancy final month. drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid excess salt and also check your BP level. Don't sit hanging your legs for longer time always use a foot rest whenever you are standing or sitting for longer time in same position. During sleeping keep pillow under your feet.
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Question: Hi, I'm in 7th month of pregnancy and observing swelling in feet n legs...what can be done to reduce this..
Answer: Dear, hope you are doing good.swelling is normal during pregnancy, due to increased blood volume and fluid in the body.it is called as edema.it is most common in hands, face , legs, ankles, feet.drink plenty of fluids at least 3-4 litres in a day, elevate your feet, better not to sit for long times, ware loose comfortable cloths, avoid excess spices and salts, take more potassium rich foods, better to check your blood pressure once.if it is normal not to worry, keep observing baby movements daily.take care
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Question: Can my wife breastfeed to our one year baby in pregnency at present?? Please let me know ..
Answer: yes dear your wife can feed your baby too but you should take care of her diet because she has to take care both kids. Now baby is one year old so try to go more thing that you are making at your house
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Question: What is the home remedy of mosquitoes bits. My baby suffering from this. Please let me know
Answer: Make a neem leaves to dry an Make burn daily evening
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