2 months old baby

Swelling near stitches after caesarian

Plz consult your doctor
Consult ur doctor
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Question: Can i hv milk after caesarian delivery
Answer: Hi, yes of couse you should have milk.un fact it is the imp part if the diet during pregnancy As it has calcium ,you should have at least 2 glasses of mailk daily
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Question: Can i have milk after caesarian
Answer: Hi,yes of course .in fact you must have at least twice a day .it is very imp part of your diet
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Question: Pain in the right side near stitches after 3 weeks of delivery. Is it something wrong
Answer: Hi dear, Most mothers report reduced pain 3-4 daysafter the procedure, although it takes approximately six weeks for pain to stop completely. However, each mother heals at a different rate, so some mothers report being pain-free only a few days after the procedure, while others may experience discomfort for up to eight weeks.
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