22 months old baby

Question: Sum days baby passes less urine and sumdays he passes urine frequently in 1hr or 2 .is it nrml

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Answer: yes dear it s very much normal . you dont have to panic about it . some days if he takes more liquid diet then , chances are there that he will pass the urine frequently. if there is little cold weather or rainy day then also he may urinate frequently. it s very much common.
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Question: Hii... Sum days i feel less baby movemnts... Nd sum days more... Nd sumdays only i feel movemnts at lower abdomen part only.. Is it okay..???
Answer: Hello! Yes, it is absolutely fine and normal. Since it is early in pregnancy you might not feel movements a day also. But after 26 weeks the movements has to be regular and good movements. Little less more is fine but movements should be good. Take care
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Question: My baby passes urine more than 12 to 15 times a day is it normal ..I feel he drinks less milk but passes urine frequently after feed
Answer: Hi. No dear 12-15 times urine is fine to have. If peeing this many times it only means that baby is ahving enough milk so dont be worried. Also keep an eye on babies weight gain if baby gains 1kg a month till 4 month then baby is having enough milk.
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Question: my baby is passing urine frequently today in every 1hr is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, Frequent urination in babies is actually most often a sign of a well hydrated, well taken care of baby with a healthy bladder. Good Job! The baby hasn’t really learned how to control their bladder yet by this age and they will go a lot. I know it means extra work for you but it’s a good sign. Unless your baby stops peeing there is no problem unless your baby is showing other signs of illness.
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