32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz suggest something suffering from loose motion

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Answer: hi issue try home remedies which will help to give you relief in loose motions take sabudana how pomegranate and apple juice you should also have Rice Water and ORS ORS will help to keep your body hydrated throughout the day avoid taking wheat have bland food like dal khichdi yoghurt is the best because it has probiotic and it helps in the digestion
Answer: Take some poppy seeds with some sugar motions will stop immediately. After that try to drink lots of buttermilk ,and water to keep hydrated other wise gas will form .i had experienced it
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Question: My baby is nine months old and he is suffering from loose motion plz suggest something
Answer: Hello dear... Loosemotion can happen due to dehydration, indigestion,follow these steps it might be helpful for you... You can mix a glass of water, with pinch of salt, sugar will help in reducing loose motion, can also give buttermilk to babies will also be effective You can mix ginger juice with little palm sugar, and feed baby best remedy for loose motion Make your baby well hydrated, will help a lot, avoid oil spicy to babies Feed them with bland foods like bread, rice porridge, curd rice..
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Question: I am suffering from loose motion and stomachache... Plz suggest something
Answer: cure loose motions using home remedies. Here are a few tried and tested ones that have no side effects. Take ½ spoon mustard speeds and make a paste with hot water. Taking it twice over 3 hours will help. There is nothing like pomegranate seed juice and pomegranate rind to stop loose motions. Try it before anything else because it is effective, safe, tasty and healthy as well. Chew a spoonful of methi seeds and follow it up with two bananas and that should do it. Make sure you consult a doctor because drugs during pregnancy can cause loose motions. It can also be due to viruses or parasites and this could be harmful for you and your baby. If it is due to hormonal changes there is nothing to worry about. Anyway, try these 3 home remedies for loose motions during pregnancy and drink plenty of water.
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Question: i m 19 weeks pregnant n i m suffering from loose motion from 4 days plz suggest something
Answer: put little jaiphal in dahi and eat, it'll immediately stop it loose motions
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