26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: plz suggest me the calcium tablet.. not able to find out the tablet according to doctor prescription

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Answer: Hello... During pregnancy,it is not advisable to take any medicine without consulting doctor,but there are lot of food sources,which can help you to increase calcium in your body,these include Milk Curd Cheese green leafy vegetables Nuts Almonds Dried apricots Ragi Oranges Walnut Pumpkin seeds
Answer: u can try caldikind or coecoral d3 .. i have taken both during pregnancy...both are good for calcium suppliments
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Question: As per doctors prescription, I used to take calcium tablet in the morning and iron tablet in the night. However today by mistake instead of irom tablet, I again took calcium tablet in the night also. Will it have any adverse effect? I am already very stressed out emotionally and thats the reaosn I took wrong tablet as well Please suggest
Answer: Not an issue. Don't take iron and calcium together.. and don't take iron with milk or milk products.. coool mammma
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Question: Hi.. Plz suggest me, Which is the right time to take #iron tablet, #calcium tablet and #vitamin tablet ?
Answer: Calcium supplement can be started @ 500 mg after 3 months and at 1000 mg per day after 4 months. Continue to have plenty of milk and curd anyway.... Iron supplement can be started after 20 weeks (earlier if you are anaemic). Continue to have lean grilled chicken, fish and green leafy vegetables to get iron from diet as well.... And yes, take iron and calcium at different times in the day. Don't have iron when you have just had milk or curd. It will not get properly absorbed. The above are guidelines. Your doctor may have a reason for giving you something earlier or later. Follow their advice.
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Question: Hello mam... Can I continue the Iron & Calcium tablet as I have already informed about dark stool...Pls do respond because according to doctor prescription calcium tablet should b taken morning , & Iron at night. Waiting for ur response.
Answer: Iron tablet is the reason of black stool also some time u face constipation problem beacuse of iron tablet.so don't wory
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