20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: plz suggest me my blood pressure is very low 50/90

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Answer: Self-care for low blood pressure during pregnancy If you do experience symptoms of low blood pressure, such as dizziness, you might want to try the following: avoid getting up quickly from seated or lying positionstry not to stand for long periods of timeeat small meals throughout the daydon’t take very hot baths or showersdrink more waterwear loose clothing It’s also a good idea to eat a healthy diet and take your prenatal supplements during your pregnancy to prevent symptoms of low blood pressure.
Answer: Yes
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Question: Hi man I have blood pressure 130/90 I'm so tense plz what to do
Answer: BP has increased slightly, but you should not take tension. You may have a lot of discomfort due to tension. You should take a liquid diet, drink coconut water, drink lemon syrup.
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Question: From yesterday my bp is very low to 54 /90. Is there anything to worry should I consult my gyny
Answer: Hi dear ur bp s low its common in pregnancy. same happrns to me my bp goes low as 90/60.i feel too low . My friends advised to eat small portions frequently,have adequate salt, 2 to 3 litres of water every day,include coconut water, bael ka sharbat and aam panna in your low blood pressure . tea or coffee may help boost your blood pressure temporarily.6 to 8 almonds daily some munakka overnight and then boil it with milk i try it nd gets relief u can try it .
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Question: My hemoglobin level is very low, pls suggest me how to increase?
Answer: Dear you have to take proper iron rich diet, green leafy vegetables, spinach pomegranate, carrot, beetroot, apple, dry fruits... Also as you are saying that it is very low, so it won't overcome with the diet, you have to consult doctor, and doctor might give you injection or IV infusion. And if it is below 6 then you will require blood transfusion.
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