8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: plz suggest me... Mera abi 7th week chal ra mujy roz bus s ana Jana padta h Koi problem to Nhi hogi jhatko s

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Answer: Travelling via bus will give you jerks which is not good for your pregnancy.. Don't travel via bus, if possible travel via train or ola cab which utmost safety
Answer: If possible than at first trimester u must have to avoid to travel from bus..
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Question: Mam plzz btaye mera 7 week chal ra h .ultrasound m baby ki dhadkan nhi h koi problem to nhi hogi
Answer: It is usually seen in the cases of late conception Heartbeat are usually appreciated around 8 to 10 weeks Repeat this can after 2 weeks to see the status. Take care
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Question: Me 6 week pregnant hu and I am working. me scooter se travel Karti hu to koi problem to nhi hogi pregnancy me chote mote jhatko se.
Answer: Hi dear.. You should take proper care for the first 3 months.. Please avoid traveling in two wheelers at least for 3 months.. If unavoidable go very slowly and avoid too much shake
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Question: Plz madam mujy btaye mera 3rd month chal ra h mera bp cntrl ni hota
Answer: Taking care of yourself is the best way to control your BP Eat a healthy diet and limit your sodium intake  Eat more whole grain they are high in dietary fiber, vegetables,fruits go for low fat milk or soy milk Have a piece of dark chocolate which contains 70 percent coco as it helps lower bp Cut on caffeine in your diet Stay physically active go for walks in the morning it would also boost your oxygen and vitamin D3 Sign up for pregnancy yoga or swimming Meditate for at least 20 min every day it would help you balance your inner self as well as your BP Monitor your weight gain you need to take caution to keep your pregnancy weight gain within healthy limits Reduce stress as it can elevate bp
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