15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz suggest me any iron tablet my dr.give me noviron but not suit me

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Answer: Hello dear please meet the doctor and explain the problem you are having and request for change of medicine. The doctor will give u another brand of iron tabs. Iron and calcium is very important for pregnancy and must have without fail.
Answer: Hi .. try ferronia d3, I m taking this tablet. Once in a day.
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Question: My wife does not suit tablets even single tablet..suggest me plz
Answer: Hi dear u need to consult doctor to know which tablets will suit her. Till the time give her balanced diet so that baby will get all the neutrition fr food through ur wife diet.
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Question: Hii....i m 4month 15 days pregnant....i m not prefer any kind of tablet....becoz iron tablets not suit me. Wht should i include in my food now to complit iron...plz ans me nd my diet also
Answer: You should have green leafy vegetables like spinach,kidney beans ,soyabean ,peas
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Question: my iron tablet doesn't suit me..it is causing me diarrhoea and stomach aches all the day..what to do?
Answer: Ask your gynecologist about Iron injections that are usually given to pregnant ladies who are unable to absorb iron orally . of injectable iron will be given to you on different time intervals and it is extremely safe do not worry and you have to get it done because continuously low iron intake or non suitability of iron tablet will only reduce your iron count and can also push you into anaemia
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